What would Ronald Reagan say to Donald Trump if he were Alive Today?


Really, it’s not that hard. Why can’t Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and other Republicans stand up against racism like Ronald Reagan did?

History for conservative Republicans basically consists of a few important milestones. First, the world was created in seven days. Then Jesus came. Then Lincoln, who was the first Republican. After this there were some dark times but it all got better with a new savior, Ronald Reagan. Then more dark times that climaxed with the rule of Barack Obama. We all know what happens after that.

It’s a joke of course, though I do believe that there are some in the Republican party who more or less think like this. Many Republicans love to talk about how they’re followers of Jesus, Lincoln and Reagan. And yet when called upon to follow in their footsteps, they turn a blind eye to things that, were they alive today, would have obviously condemned.

Take this weekend’s Charlottesville protests turned riots. Jesus, who was arguably the world’s greatest pacifist, no doubt would have condemned such actions by white supremacist and neo-Nazi street thugs. Don’t let the polo shirts and slick hair fool you. These guys are thugs, and not in the cool hip-hop way.

The same would be true with Lincoln. Do you think that the man who is credited with emancipating slaves and also inviting the first black man to the White House (Frederick Douglas) would have tolerated the nonsense going in Charlottesville? Obviously not.

So then, what about the other in the Republican trinity, i.e. Ronald Reagan? What would he have said? How would he have reacted? Fortunately, we have his own words on the subject. Below is a clip from a speech that he made in 1981 at a NAACP convention.

I mean seriously, he makes it look so easy. It is this easy. Come on Mr. Trump, Mr. Ryan and a bunch of you others. Stop your press conference charades and insincere tweets. Go out there and make a big speech like Reagan and condemn the racism and violence that’s tearing apart the lives of so many in our country. If you can’t do that, then you’re not a Republican, let alone a decent human being.

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