Twenty-five Years Of Pearl Jam’s “Alive” in Six Minutes

Wow. I think I’m starting to feel old knowing that Pearl Jam’s “Alive” is 25 years old. I still remember when this song was released back in 1991. It, along with Nirvana is probably what got me into that genre commonly referred to as grunge.

But listening to it again, especially this live version, makes me feel young. No, more than that, it really makes me feel alive.
Alive was one of the first Pearl Jam songs ever written, even before lead singer Eddie Vedder and drummer Dave Abbruzzese joined the group. It was written by guitarist Stone Gossard and was orignally part of a three-song instrumental demo.

This video was compiled by Kevin Shuss, Pearl Jam’s videographer over the years. The clips were assembled for their induction into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

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