The V2MOM of and how you can create your own



Tony Robbins is better known for his multi-day seminars and creating life strategies, but last Fall he came out with a book on money management entitled Money, Master the Game. Thumbing through the book, I came across one of the introductory chapters by written by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of and a big fan of Tony. In this particular section, Marc mentions that based upon Tony Robbins’ teachings, he came up with a five-point plan he dubbed V2MOM: vision, values, methods, obstacles, measurements. These points in a bit more detail are as follows:

1.) What do I really want? (Vision)

2.) What is important about it? (Values)

3.) How will I get it? (Methods)

4.) What is preventing me from having it? (Obstacles)

5.) How will I know I am successful? (Measurements)

I think that this is a very important and powerful exercise to do. It’s simple and yet can lead to extraordinary results. Marc claims implementation of V2MoM is what is responsible for the success of In fact, he makes all of his employees do their very own V2MOM. If Marc claims that this has helped him to make the 50 billion company that it is today, then perhaps it’s worth looking into creating your very own V2MOM. Marc writes more about this on his own blog. Check it out!

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