The Little Island of Sylt, Germany

Just off the northern tip of Germany in the Friesian Archipelago is the 38-square-mile island of Sylt. The island is host to sandy dunes and dotted with 12 villages containing trendy restaurants, boutique shops and even a casino. Essentially, Sylt is the place where European trendsetters who can’t quite make it to Monaco flock to for a good time. Outside of the little towns and villages, Slyt has ample beaches for all types of people, from traditional families to those who espouse a more unconventional lifestyle.

Most of the more posh hotels, shops and restaurants are found in Sylt’s largest settlement, Westerland, including the famous Hotel Stadt de Hamburg and the Jörg Müller restaurant. The town also has its own little theater district with popular performances playing throughout the year.

For those who prefer a more relaxed itinerary of things to do, Sylt has plenty of alternatives to spending a lot of money on fancy dining and in expensive boutiques.

The dunes of Ellenbogen on the German island of Sylt
The dunes of Ellenbogen on the German island of Sylt

If simply walking amongst unspoiled sand dunes and communing with nature is what you’re into, take a hike along Sylt’s coast at Ellenbogen. This place also is famous for it’s two still functioning lighthouses and has bike trails along the beach that are fun for couples and families alike. Another interesting site on Sylt is the Church of St. Severin in the town of Keitum, dating all the way back to 1240.

If you’re into archaeology and really ancient history, located in the northern part of the island near near the town of Wenningstedt is Denghoog Steinzeitgrab, an interesting neolithic grave site. Similar to Stonehenge, archaeologists and historians are still not sure as to how these massive blocks were moved into place to construct this relatively simple tomb.

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