The last Ice Age and receding of the glaciers

Map depicting the last ice age
Map depicting the last ice age

From nearly over 100,000 BCE up until roughly 8000 BCE, large swaths of North America, Europe and Asia were covered by large amounts of ice. These great sheets of ice, many believed to be over a mile high, formed over time as the climate of the Earth cooled over many millenniums. It is also during this time that there was a land bridge that connected what is now Siberia to Alaska and North America.

In order to get an idea of just how much of an impact the ice age and glaciers had on the Earth, check out the film below.


However about 10,000 years ago as the climate grew warmer, the last of these ice sheets began to melt away and uncover many of the northern lands of North America, Europe and Asia. This is significant because as this occurred, our ancestors began moving into these areas that were initially inhabitable due to mountains of ice that were there before.

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