The golden figurines of Bornholm, Denmark


Far off the coast of mainland of Denmark is the island of Bornholm whose people are known for craft making, especially pottery and glass. It seems the making of beautiful objects runs in the blood of these people. During the past few years, archaeologists have unearthed several small gold figurines dating believed to be from the 6th-7th century. According to archaeologists at the nearby Bornholm Museum these figurines represent local deities that sacrifices were made to in the hope for health, fertility and a plentiful harvest. What makes these figurines even more interesting is that unlike most such artifacts in the Scandinavian areas, these objects are made of gold.

It is strange that such objects of high value would have been abandoned outright. Archaeologist believe that the group belongs to an ancient temple whose precincts are nearby. The hope is that such a complex, or the remains of one, will be discovered in the near future.

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