Star Wars Prodigal Knight of the Old Republic: The Art and Cult of Revan

Revan, possibly the most popular Star Wars character that isn’t quite canon. I think that the reason Disney hasn’t really brought him into the realm of canon is because he’s already such a popular figure in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Fans would never forgive Kathleen Kennedy if she messed up his story.

That’s not to say that Disney, Kennedy and the current creative team of Star Wars have completely ignored him. On the contrary in the Knights of the Old Republic video games, comic books and the popular novel that followed, Revan is seen as a bit of a grey Jedi. He encompasses both the light and the dark sides of the Force.

You know who else does? Kylo Ren. In fact many believe that Kylo Ren is based somewhat on Revan. Take a look at Kylo Ren’s mask and outfit and you’ll definitely see a resemblance. Of course Revan in the video game and books is a lot more confident in his abilities than Kylo Ren seems to be, at least in Episode VII.

Anyway, Revan definitely has acquired a large legion of followers who we’ll call Revanites. These Revanites seem to idolize their leader through fan fiction and art.

These are some of the best commercial and fan art portrayals of Revan that I could find. Forgive me for not being able to get the artists’ names. However we, the fans of the galaxy far, far away thank you and are in your debt for putting one of our expanded universe heroes to life.

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