Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Trailer, Explanations and Things you may have Missed

It has finally arrived. And, like all Star Wars trailers, the one for the Last Jedi has brought along more questions than it answers. First though, if you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it now:

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Seen it? Watch it again. Each time you’ll notice something new. It’s pretty intriguing, especially the scene with what seem to be several old books about the Force.

Are these original copies of ancient Jedi manuscripts such as the Journal of the Whills that describe both the Light and the Dark sides of the Force? For me, the ancient mysteries/philosophies of the Force are what I find among the most interesting aspects of the Star Wars universe. I suppose it comes from my love of ancient history and archaeology. Honestly, I simply can’t wait to learn what these texts will reveal.

Oh yeah, looks like our boy Kylo Ren is back too.

He still has that cool crossbar light saber.

Now, I could analyze this for days, but there are several super fans who are much more knowledge about the Force – I mean films – than I could ever hope to be. Therefore, let’s take a look at what some of the top Star Wars analysts (for lack of a better term) have to say.

Star Wars Analysts’ Take of The Last Jedi Trailer

One of the best Star Wars analysts is whoever runs the YouTube channel “The Stupendous Wave.” Almost daily, the creator of this channel puts out extremely informative narrated videos/slide presentations on everything related to the Star Wars universe. His analysis in the following video is no different. It’s to the point but also in-depth.

The next Last Jedi analysis comes from the channel Star Wars Explained. Similar to The Stupendous Wave, this channel’s analysis is solely dedicated to the Star Wars Universe and also has an interesting take on the trailer.

Charley from the channel Emergency Awesome is probably the best source in general for all things sci-fi/fantasy. I really enjoy his in-depth background knowledge on everything from the Marvel franchise to Game of Thrones. Charley does a great job and his Last Jedi analysis is no different.

This final one is by Mr. Sunday Movies. What I like about it is how the narrator points out the many Easter eggs and characters that we get glimpses of, including Princess Leia and possibly Admiral Akbar.

Of course it’s been less than 24 hours since the official trailer was released. I’m sure that by week’s end there’ll be countless new fan theories that will surface. These are exciting times within the Star Wars universe. Keep the world safe for rock ‘n’ roll and may the Force be with you!

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