Portugal’s Vineyard, the Douro Valley

Portugal’s Douro River Valley is one of Europe’s most scenic spots. It’s also one of the best places to sample the country’s wine and local cuisine.

The Douro Valley, Portugal’s Vineyard

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It’s from this region that Portugal’s unique and sweet port wines mostly come from. The upper area of the valley is filled with vineyards perched alongside the valley’s cliffs, high above the river that gives the area its name. Because the vineyards grow alongside these cliffs, they’re tended by hand and not machines such as tractors. In fact, grapes here have been cultivated in this way for at least 350 years.
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Once made, most of the wine is taken to what are known as “port lodges” where it is blended and aged. Several of these lodges are quite famous not only for their wines but also for their beautiful surroundings. These include Taylor Fladgate Port Lodge and Cruzeiros Via d’Ouro. Some of these lodges even offer private boat tours and wine parties. Eventually, a lot of it makes its way to Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, for sale and distribution all over the world.
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One notable place just across the river from Porto is the Yeatman. They call it a “luxury wine spa hotel,”, but it’s more than that. 1 It also has the world’s largest collection of port wines available in one place.
View of Porto from the Yeatman Hotel; photo source, The Yeatman

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