Paying Tribute to Nirvana and Grunge Rock Music

“A changing of the guard…”

Here’s something that I came across while watching documentaries that people had posted online. It’s about the grunge music revolution in general, and Nirvana more specifically. Grunge, alternative or whatever you want to call it had a pretty big influence on me. Though it was not the only rock music that I listened to (I was a disciple of classic rock and Brit bands like Oasis and the Verve as well), grunge was what my friends and I would listen to and discuss when we were together. The music also inspired us to write songs of our own. For the first time, we realized that we didn’t have to be “good” in order to write, produce and perform our own songs. Writing the next Tommy wasn’t necessary. The 11 minute “Free Bird” solos could wait. All we needed were knowledge of a few power chords and an amp whose sound we could distort and viola, there it was! We had all that we needed to play rock ‘n’ roll music in our own way.

Yes, our own way.

Kurt Cobain and the example of Nirvana exemplified that. By that I don’t mean that he or the other members of the band weren’t talented. It’s actually quite the opposite. What I mean is Kurt Cobain and Nirvana didn’t fall into any mold that existed at the time. They were people like the average kid, with all of the problems that the average kid faces. They played music the way they wanted to and were relatable to the rest of us not living on the Sunset Strip or partying in Hollywood with celebrities and models. Nirvana and the so-called grunge bands that followed them were real. They didn’t play some studio-crafted pop but something from the heart that wasn’t intended sell many records or even be commercially viable.

Nirvana started the movement, the revolution and I’m glad that I witness and live through it.

The following videos are from some VH-1 show or documentary about Nirvana and the grunge movement. While I’m not sure if all of the artists are really speaking from the heart (really, I didn’t know that C.C. DeVille of Poison was a fan of the band that arguably put him out of a job), it’s nice to hear what they have to say about Nirvana and the influence of similar bands from that time period.

Thanks to the people who compiled these clips. These videos are worth the watch.

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