Oasis, Live at Knebworth Park, 10th &11th August, 1996 [Full Video]

Oasis Knebworth Park
Oasis, Live at Knebworth Park

The members of the British rock band Oasis were probably always the rightful kings of the 90s Brit Pop movement, but their gig at Knebworth Park in August of 1996 made it official. Indeed, this iconic concert was their coronation before their fan all over the world. No one dare lay claim to the British rock throne from that day forward – not Blur, Radiohead or any other band of that time. With the release of their second album, (What the story) Morning Glory, Noel, Liam, Bonehead, Guigsy and Whitey were at the top of the world as far as rock ‘n’ roll was concerned. The concert was one of their best ever. Taking the stage that day, Noel proclaimed to the audience, “this is history.”

Yes, it absolutely was.

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