Must Read Comic Books: Amazing Spider-Man #129: First Appearance of the Punisher

The first appearance of Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher.

I was just going through some old comics and came across Amazing Spider-man #129. Spider-man is by far my favorite Marvel superhero, but this particular issue introduces another one that I’m kind of fond of, the Punisher. Maybe you’ve seen the series Daredevil on Netflix where the Punisher plays a big part.

In the comic book, Frank Castle is portrayed as a vigilante with no qualms about killing gangsters and other violent criminals. This makes him different than other superheroes that generally have some sort of moral code that prevents them from unnecessary violence (like Daredevil in the Netflix series).

Initially, the Punisher had been commissioned to kill Spider-man by a villain known as the Jackal. The Punisher thought that he was bringing Spidey to justice for the death of Norman Osborn, but when he finds out that he’s being played by the Jackal, he teams up with the web slinger and fights on the side of right.

The Punisher became a hit with readers and was featured frequently in team ups with Spider-man, Captain America, Nightcrawler and Daredevil. He eventually got his own comic book series in 1979.

Also be on the lookout for The Punisher series coming soon to Netflix.

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