Much TV’s interview with Kurt Cobain (1993)

Kurt Kobain Much TV interview

In his short career as a musician, Kurt Kobain gave (often unwillingly) many interviews with MTV, Rolling Stone and a number of popular media outlets. In many of these interviews, especially when he was with his band mates, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, he didn’t really contribute much to the conversation.

That’s why this particular interview in 1993 from a small Canadian channel called Much TV is both rare and pretty awesome. It’s one of the few times on camera that one really gets to see the real Kurt Cobain discuss topics and answer nonconventional questions from what his favorite book is to his new family life and love for his wife, Coutney Love. He’s quite calm, candid and seemingly comfortable with himself and where his life has taken him. In fact, it doesn’t prelude at all to his untimely death.

This is probably my favorite interview that I’ve seen with him.

It’s a pretty big contrast from an interview with the same network in 1991 where, especially towards the end, the interviewer is getting pretty frustrated.

Obviously, they didn’t take this one too seriously.

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