Iran Yesterday and Today, by Rick Steves

Safavid painting in the palace at Isfahan, Iran
Safavid painting in the palace at Isfahan, Iran

Iran, the country many know as Persia, is often mentioned in the news, most of the time in not the most flattering of ways. Many people and politicians alike think of Iran as a menace to peace and stability in world, let alone the Middle East. This is really quite sad. People should not have to suffer and be vilified because of the differences between their respective governments.

The famous American traveler Rick Steves, mostly known for his European travel guides and shows, has put together an interesting documentary about a trip that he took to Iran a few years ago. Though not going too much into the history of the country, the video does a great job of introducing the viewer to the Persian people and aspects of life in Iran. He shows how ordinary Iranians are quite hospitable and how many, believe it or not, love Americans. Some outward differences aside (such as women having to wear the chador and political propaganda omnipresent in larger cities such as Tehran), Iran in many ways is just like any other developing society. Consider this a good introduction to modern Iran.

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