Hammam-e Vakil – Shiraz, Iran

Photo by David Stanley or Flickr
Photo by David Stanley or Flickr

the Hammam-e Vakil was originally a bathhouse from the Zand dynasty. It now is home to an exquisite collection of Persian carpets. More than the carpets though, one should come here to take a look at the beautiful Persian architecture.


Interactive Map of Shiraz, Iran

  Things to do/see  Blue_dot Restaurant
Arg-e Karim Khan
Bagh-e Eram
Bagh-e Nazar & Pars Museum
Baghe Raaz
Hafez's Tomb (آرامگاه حافظ)
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
Tomb of Sa'di
Vakil Bath (Hammam-e Vakil)
Vakil Mosque

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