Cyrus the Great and the Conquest of all of Persia


Cyrus II, now known as Cyrus the Great after his victory over the Lydians, was in charge of the most powerful kingdom-turned-empire in the world at that time. However, empires can be short-lived, especially if there is dissent closer to home when the ruler is far away. Though Babylon remained ripe for the taking, Cyrus turned his forces back towards the Iranian plateau to officially bring all of the other Iranian tribes of what is now eastern Iran and Central Asia under his rule.

Not much is written about these conquests except for the areas, kingdoms and provinces that became the new parts of the empire at this time, all between 546 and 539 BCE. Cyrus first brought the Bactrians and many of the Sakas, or Scythian tribes under his banner. Next he annexed the states near the Oxus (Amu Darya) river, namely Hyreania, Chorasmia, Sogdiana, Drangiana, Aracosia, Sattagidia and Gandhara.

With his rule consolidated in the east, Cyrus turned his gaze once again to the fabled city of of cities, Babylon, the most famous and storied of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia. This would be the most famous and historically significant conquest of his life.

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