The Best Websites for Learning Persian / Farsi

Here are some of the best and most helpful sites that I used for learning and practicing Persian. If there are any that you suggest, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Thanks!

Persian Language Learning Websites

Basic phrases, dialog, reading, writing, vocabulary – these sites seem to have it all. I think that if you really go through all of these, you’re Persian will improve by leaps and bounds.

Persian Language Foundation
Persian Online (University of Texas)

Persian Language YouTube Videos

Persian Online Academy
Persian Language Online YouTube Channel
Farsi Tutor Reza Nazari

Short Persian Language Films

It always helps to hear a language being spoken, especially in a more natural environment. These short films not only do this, but they also give one a short glimpse of how people in Iran interact with each other.

The Accordion
A Letter To The Sky
Slap (comedy)

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