Bagh-e Eram (Eram Garden) – Shiraz, Iran


Shiraz, the “city of roses and nightingales” (as described by the poet Hafiz) is replete with gardens, one of the more famous ones being Bagh-e Eram, or the Eram Garden. The name literally means “Garden of Paradise” and while this it isn’t, Eram has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site (not too many gardens have this honor) and some very tall cypress tress. The garden was built during the time the Qajar dynasty ruled Iran and is replete with one of their palaces in the center of it.


It’s a popular place for the people of Shiraz to meet up, especially for couples. Getting there is was as nearly every local knows where it is but it is advisable to take a taxi there; the garden is about a 40 minute walk from the center of town. As Shiraz is smack in the middle of the desert, that could be a very long and arduous journey by foot.

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