A salute to the Peshmerga of Kurdistan


The Peshmerga are the Kurdish fighters whose duty it is to protect the inhabitants of Iraqi Kurdistan. They are responsible for the security of Kurdish regions of Iraq. While there are a few different factions of peshmerga fighters, they ultimately are sworn to protect the Kurdistan Region Government, or KRG.

If it were not for these brave and honorable men and women (yes, there are women fighters as well), much of northern Iraq would now be in control of the group that calls themselves the Islamic State, or ISIS for short.

No one can really adequately thank these brave men and women for their sacrifices to help defend the Kurdish and Iraqi people, as well as the world. They have kept ISIS in check but need the help of the international community to remain a potent fighting force, especially when it comes to more modern weapons and supplies.

This is a photo tribute to the Peshmerga of Kurdistan. May God bless them and grant them safety and victory!

Peshmerga Fighters Provide Security


Members of the pershmerga perform during a handover ceremony in the northern city of Arbil




Kurdish peshmerga troops participate in an intensive security deployment against Islamic State militants on the front line in Khazer










May God grant them victory.

Please note: These photos are from various sources and I apologize that I do not have the names of all of the photographers. Most of these are Reuters and Associated Press photos, those I believe that some of them also come from other sources. If you see one of your photos here, I would be more than happy to credit it. Please contact me funwithcy [at] gmail.com

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